Undersold Lead Submission


The Moss Exchange (MX) can process shared inbound leads using "exclude" directives.

This approach is effective when a seller desires to supplement their direct distribution with the MX distribution network.   In this case, the seller will first identify those buyers they will distribute to directly and then exclude those buyers in the request. MX will then interrogate its network and distribute to different buyers up to the leg cap.

MX distributes to a maximum of 5 total shared buyers for a lead, therefore the cap defined in the directives is equal to 5 minus the number of legs initially sold by the seller. For example, if the seller distributes 2 legs and sends 2 exclude directives then the cap should be set to 3.

Undersold leads may be submitted using either Ping-Post or DirectPost. Please refer to DirectPost / Ping-Post Lead Submission for general connectivity instructions.

Additional Notes

  • All requests (Ping, Post, DirectPost) should contain the same exclude directives to guarantee the correct distribution behavior
  • Use "Exclude" in the "Action" attribute on the Directive element
  • The carrier list used to understand which carriers to exclude is in the schema file.
  • If you have carriers we need to exclude that are not on listed in our schema let us know and we'll add them!
  • For independent agents, the "Detail" attribute on the Directive element should contain the agent license number (see Samples)


The following files contain full valid undersold request xml for your reference: