Selective Ping-Post Lead Submission

Selective Ping-Post

Selective Ping-Post is a two transaction process ("Ping" and "Post"). On the ping, one or more downstream buyers' legs are shown in the response. The seller then explicitly selects which legs to include on the post (and the others are ignored).

  • Ping
    • Request - must contain all of the lead data minus the contact information
    • Response - contains an overall bid for the lead (not a financial commitment), an id that will need to be sent on the subsequent post transaction, and a list of one or more leg bids representing various downstream buyers. The overall bid is the sum of the individual leg bids.
  • Post
    • Request - requires all of the lead data including the contact information as well as include directives indicating which of the leg bids are to be distributed.
    • Response - contains an accept/reject response for each requested leg of the lead or a general rejection response if none of the legs were distributed. If any buyer accepted the lead that post response leg amount will be the same as the leg bid for that buyer. If a buyer rejected, the leg amount for that buyer will be zero.

Please refer to DirectPost / Ping-Post Lead Submission for general connectivity instructions. Also note that Selective only works in the context of Ping-Post and has no meaning in DirectPost.

Additional Notes

  • For Independent Agents, a license ID number element will be provided. This ID must be returned as part of the request on the subsequent post (see Samples).
  • It is possible that the sum total payout on the post is lower than the total bid on the ping, and lower than the expected payout of the post request, depending on the legs included on the request and the various buyers' acceptance of the lead.


The following files contain full valid selective request xml for your reference. The sequence of a Selective Ping Post may go like this:

  • A generic ping request is made. example
  • The ping response contains legs. example
  • The post request contains some or all of the legs as include directives. example
  • The response contains details on which buyers accepted the lead. example