The Moss Marketplace (MM) Campaign

Campaign Terms and Conditions

Please read these Campaign Restrictions

Setup Steps

  1. Create a page on your site to host the form. (i.e.
  2. Copy the code below and embed it in your new page. Before deployment, ensure that the following variables are configured appropriately.
    • var MX = new MX(): required, creates a Moss Exchange lead capture form.
    • "mm" required, serves up the Moss Marketplace display.
    • MX.ni_ad_client: required, optional tracking code.
    • MX.placement_id: required, optional tracking code.
    • MX.aid: required, defines the Affiliate ID (CD#) obtained from your Moss Account Manager. No credit is received for leads submitted without a valid Affiliate ID.
    • MX.afftrack: optional, defines your Affiliate Campaign Tracking ID.
    • MX.affsub: optional, defines your Affiliate Sub-Campaign Tracking ID.
    • MX.tracking1: optional, custom tracking code.
    • MX.tracking2: optional, custom tracking code.
    • MX.maxads: optional, limits the number of ads that can be returned for page styling purposes.
    • MX.iFrame(): required, prints iFrame form to page.

  3. Ensure that the page has the header, footer and styling that matches your site.
  4. Contact your Moss Account Manager for testing approval. Be sure to include your URL to access the form.