Moss Exchange Lead Forms

Campaign Terms and Conditions

Please read these Campaign Restrictions [.doc]

Setup Steps

  1. Create a page on your site to host the form. (i.e.
  2. Below are the required and optional variables for the iFrame along with their descriptive uses and some example values.

    • Standard Moss Exchange Parameters

    • MX.aid - required - Defines the Affiliate ID (CD#) obtained from your Moss Account Manager. No credit is received for leads submitted without a valid Affiliate ID.
        Example: CD12360
    • - optional - Defines what product to generate a form for (default value is auto).
        Example: auto
    • MX.afftrack - optional - Your Affiliate Campaign Tracking ID.
    • MX.affsub - optional - Your Affiliate Sub-Campaign Tracking ID.
        Example: organic
    • MX.placement_id - optional - Click Ad Partner Tracking ID.
        Example: aA0100a020_01
    • MX.tracking1 - optional - Custom tracking code
        Example: 20x20banner
    • MX.tracking2 - optional - Custom tracking code
        Example: cta

    • Google Conversion Tracking Parameters

    • MX.g_cid - optional - google_conversion_id
        Example: "123456789"
    • MX.g_cl optional - google_conversion_language
        Example: "en"
    • MX.g_cf optional - google_conversion_format
        Example: "1"
    • MX.g_cc optional - google_conversion_color
        Example: "666666"
    • MX.g_clb optional - google_conversion_label
    • MX.g_cv optional - google_conversion_value
        Example: "1.000000"
    • MX.g_ro optional - google_remarketing_only
        Example: "false"

    • Bing Conversion Tracking Parameters

    • MX.b_id optional - bing siteid
    • MX.b_dd optional - bing dedup
        Example: "1"
    • MX.b_did optional - bing domainId
        Example: "000000"
    • MX.b_t optional - bing type
        Example: "1"
    • MX.b_r optional - bing revenue
        Example: "10"
    • MX.b_aid optional - bing action id
        Example: "0000"

    • Styling Parameters

    • MX.maxads: optional, limits the number of ads that can be returned for page styling purposes.
    • MX.dynamic_height optional - Enables dynamic frame height to fit content. Default is true. Set to false to set a fixed height with MX.height.
    • MX.height: optional - Height of the frame if MX.responsive is set to false.
    • MX.width: optional - Width of the frame. Default is 100% of container.
    • MX.background_color optional - Frame background color.
    • MX.text_color optional - Frame text color.
    • MX.section_background_color optional - Panel background color.
    • MX.section_border_color optional - Panel border color.
    • MX.heading_color optional - Heading text color.
    • MX.heading_background_color optional - Heading background color.
    • MX.heading_border_color optional - Heading border color.

  3. Copy the code below, keeping only the variables you need and populating them with your values.
  4. Ensure that the page has the header, footer and styling that matches your site.
  5. Test the new pages and end-to-end consumer experience (Landing page to New Form page to Thank You page.)
  6. Contact your Moss Account Manager for testing approval. Be sure to include your URL to access the form.

That's it! After your Moss Account Manager has given approval it's time to launch and start generating leads!